Our Story

Hi, my name is Judi, the founder of Ela & Earth. I live in a small coastal town called Casuarina at the Northern end of NSW. My young family and I love to adventure and live a lifestyle filled with outdoor activities enjoying the beach vibes. Creating a lifestyle based around travel, adventure, food and family is what has landed me to curate the brand Ela & Earth. I wanted a brand that represented these core values:

  1. Creating a lifestyle, create meaning
  2. Empowerment 
  3. Reduce our environmental impact
  4. Connection

When my family and I are not living our life at home, we are off travelling and exploring the world. Our Ela & Earth products travel with us so we can reduce our waste consumption along the way. And when we are home, I am forever in the kitchen cooking and preparing lunches and snacks for our kids. My brand Ela & Earth is for everyone, it's for the parent who preps lunches and snacks for the kids; it's for the guy who takes his reusable containers to get his takeaway Sushi; it's for the kid who packs her overnight bag in her Ela & Earth tote bag when she goes for a sleepover at a friends house; it's for the fresh farmers market couple who love to use their "reusable" market bags; it's for the traveller who takes his own straw to use when sipping on those Aperol Spritz in the Amalfi coast. 

Ela & Earth is the ultimate lifestyle brand and the bonus is together we are using products that will reduce our waste consumption without you even knowing. We want our Ela & Earth products to become apart of your everyday routine, sort of like the products you know you can't leave the house without. 

Thank you for being apart of the Ela & Earth lifestyle. Together (and guilt free) we are making a small difference by choosing to reuse.