"Our products are designed to be practical, functional and an essential for your everyday routine"

Judi (Founder)

Let Me Introduce Myself.

Hi, I'm Judi (founder of Ela & Earth)!

Here at Ela & Earth we create beautiful and practical lifestyle products, thoughtfully designed to accompany you on all of life’s adventures - from home, work, school, the beach and everywhere in-between.

You may have noticed, we don't do boring! We’re proud to partner with local artists to bring you exclusive prints that can only be found here at Ela & Earth, inspired by our modern aesthetic and coastal location.

Thank you for the thousands and thousands of people who continue to use our products everyday - your support has given our brand the opportunity to get creative and produce fun, exciting products.


What E&E products I use everyday...

My Water Bottle Bag.

I am an enthusiastic Pilates goer, my morning routine always starts early with a quick trip to my local reformer pilates studio.

Every morning I grab my Water Bottle Bag and my fave 1 Litre Water Bottle, car keys, phone and pilates socks.

After Pilates, my bag then becomes my everyday bag as I head into the office or out and about on a weekend!

1 Litre Insulated Water Bottle.

I try to drink 2 - 3 litres of water a day so my 1 Litre Water Bottle travels with me in the car, has a permanent possie on my office desk, and comes with me for any physical activity I do through the day.

My favourite thing about our water bottles is the straw lid - it's so much more convenient for me to sip away, rather than having to unscrew the lid and screw it back on.

Insulated Tumbler 20oz.

I either start my morning with a yummy granola topped with fruit and coconut yoghurt or an Acai, but without a doubt my green smoothie is almost a daily ritual for me. I use this Insulated Tumbler Cup everyday, it fits in my car cup holder which makes it easy to transport on my way to the office.

Lunch Cooler Bag.

Every day, I pack my Lunch Cooler Bag for work. Inside you'll find one of our Bento Boxes carrying my lunch, a large Nesting Container with my morning granola and a Cutlery Set. Between this cooler bag and my Water Bottle Bag, I'm set with all my essentials for the day!