5 Ways to Go Plastic Free This July!

5 Ways to Go Plastic Free This July!

This month is Plastic Free July - a global movement empowering people to reduce plastic pollution.

The whole idea behind Plastic Free July is to avoid single-use plastics wherever possible. From your home to the workplace and the supermarket, there are so many simple ways to go plastic free and reduce unnecessary waste in your everyday life.

Need some inspiration to get started? Check out these 5 small but impactful ways to go plastic free this July and become a part of the solution!

Ditch plastic straws and cutlery

Let’s say goodbye to plastic straws and cutlery for good. Instead of reaching for single-use plastics, invest in a portable cutlery set so you always have an eco-friendly option handy.

Our 7-Piece Reusable Cutlery Sets include a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, metal straws and a straw cleaner, packaged neatly inside a compact carry case. Simply pop it in your handbag and use it for your takeaway lunches, smoothies and juices, rather than relying on plastic alternatives.

Reusable Cutlery Sets

Use reusable cups and bottles

Choose to reuse with eco-friendly drinkware! Instead of buying and discarding a takeaway coffee cup every morning, invest in a reusable Keep Cup. Most coffee shops will offer a discount if you supply your own cup (and you can feel better about your daily coffee addiction!).

Eco-friendly drinkware is also the perfect solution for picnics, camping and other outdoor adventures. Instead of wasting plastic cups, use our Reusable Wine Tumblers for your afternoon beverages. As a bonus, our drinkware is double wall insulated, so your drinks will stay colder for longer.

Reusable Wine Tumblers

BYO food containers

Having a good set of eco-friendly lunchware and food containers will help you cut down on unnecessary plastic when you’re out and about. For example: You can pack takeaway sushi into one of our stainless steel Bento Boxes, and use one of our small round containers to transport soy sauce and other condiments.

Stay away from plastic wrap

Instead of wrapping dinner leftovers and half-eaten veggies in cling wrap, use an eco-friendly alternative like our Nesting Containers. And when it comes to packing lunches, you’ll be pleased to know our Bento Boxes are leakproof and airtight to keep your food fresh, so you don’t need to worry about wrapping sandwiches in an extra layer of plastic wrap. 

Ditch plastic packaging

Try to steer clear of unnecessary plastic packaging during your supermarket trips and farmers market hauls. Instead, BYO shopping bags in a variety of sizes to pack your groceries and fresh produce. Tip: keep some in your handbag and car boot, so you’re never stuck without them!

Enjoy a free gift on us for Plastic Free July

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