Changing the world can seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to make sustainable living simple. From product spotlights to eco-friendly inspo, find our latest resources below as we share practical (and achievable) tips on reducing plastic consumption, shopping mindfully and treading lighter on the earth.

  1. Always be prepared with your own reusable bags for loose items so we can avoid opting for pre-packaged fruit and vegetables.
  2. Reduce plastic waste by requesting a drink without a plastic straw. Choose to refuse single-use plastic straws. Be prepared and bring your own reusable alternative!
  3. A bin audit is a great way to take a look of what waste you could be avoiding, and improve your composting and recycling habits. Conduct a bin audit to discover all the ‘waste’ that could be avoided and plan to take action!
  4. Say ‘NO’ to cling wrap. Sustainable options include beeswax wraps, silicon wraps or homemade fabric covers.
  5. You can make immediate action and a real difference by cleaning up your local park or beach. Create a new habit, simply take 3 pieces of rubbish when you leave the beach, waterway, park or anywhere! You make the difference.
  6. Many people buy plastic water bottles when they’re out and about, only to discard them after one use. Choose to refuse single-use plastic drink bottles. Be organised and stay hydrated! 
  7. In the food service industry we need to move away from single use plastics. Make sure to bring your own reusable container when purchasing takeaway goods to minimise your impact!
  8. It’s surprising how many tea bag brands (unfortunately) use plastic. Before you sit down for a relaxing cuppa, ensure you are not contributing to plastic pollution.
  9. Follow the 3 R’s! REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. You can help create a more sustainable future for the planet.
  10. Buy fresh bread that comes in either paper bags or no bags. At the farmers market or at natural food stores you can buy bread that comes in paper. You can also store your bread in a cloth bag to keep it fresh! 

Shop mindfully. Live consciously.

Living a low-waste lifestyle shouldn’t feel like hard work! We’ve made sustainable living simple, with a curated range of reusable (and beautiful) everyday essentials that fit effortlessly into your home. Our team are passionate about reducing our environmental impact, being conscious consumers and making changes today for a better tomorrow.