Some of our favourite eco warriors to follow on Instagram

Some of our favourite eco warriors to follow on Instagram


From flat lays to recipes, sustainability tips and recycling revelations, see who is inspiring us on Instagram now!

Lets face it… If you are going to spend time scrolling through Instagram, you may as well make sure it brings joy. 

Here are some of our favourite earth loving accounts you may not be following yet, but should definitely put on your radar.



You may remember Sarah from her best- selling book series, I Quit Sugar or her role as host on Master Chef Australia.

In 2018 Sarah closed her digital business and gave all her funds to a charity trust. She now builds projects to help those in need and is a vocal anti- consumerist who rides her bike everywhere! Follow her to see the places she rides and hikes and to explore her world of minimalism.




Eco Warrior Princess redefines what it means to live green.
Founded in 2010, by Jennifer Nini, her team of passionate writers cover topics including sustainable fashion, conscious business, green politics, feminism, eco beauty, wellness, and green technology.

Moving beyond the granola-hippie cliché, Eco Warrior Princess wants to change the way its
followers/ readers perceive sustainability. This Instagram page is full of practical tips for sustainable living and educational articles.




Lauren Singer is a zero waste pioneer from the USA. Her page is filled with low waste tips and recipes. She highlights the importance of fresh local produce and composting.




The Brisbane blogger Hannah Klose hasn't bought a single piece of new clothing since 2014! She absolutely loves to shop at Op Shops for moral, ethical and sustainability reasons and styles pieces beautifully! She gives tips on how to shop second hand online too so your wardrobe doesn’t have to look vintage just because you are being thrifty.




Rachael and Scott Johnson are a low waste couple living in the heart of the Gila Forest in New Mexico USA. Their page is all about simple living and is filled with fantastic home made cleaning solutions and sustainable living tips. Their page is also aesthetically beautiful and inspiring.




This page is an online community that will inspire you to be less ‘trashy’. Tara, who is the lady behind the page loves to share eco- friendly brands and campaigns as well as helpful tips to live a sustainable life. She also shares the ins and outs of clean beauty and how to shop with your own containers.




Manuela Baron makes art out of trash.

She has a passion for sustainability and the environment and lives a minimal, plant based lifestyle.

Her page is there to help inspire others to be better versions of themselves and along the way shares some pretty cool artistic creations make out of rubbish to help enforce her sustainability message.




Anita Vandyke is a qualified Rocket Scientist and did not always live a zero waste lifestyle.

Born in China, raised in Australia she blogs about her passions for minimalism and zero waste living, both of which have transformed her life.

She posts frequent tips and ideas for sustainable living – everything from recycling tips to op-shopped style shoots!





Lina Saber has a beautiful Insta page filled with drool worthy plant based recipes. 

Everything is fresh and healthy and gluten free. You will be inspired to try out her delicious smoothie bowls while your eyes enjoy all the colourful fruity images on her feed!