One Week Of Healthy School Lunches!

One Week Of Healthy School Lunches!

Let’s be honest - packing school lunches can feel like a downright chore, not to mention coming up with new, healthy ideas each week.

We know how hard it can be to pack a balanced lunch box (that your kids will actually eat), so we’re here to make it easy for you!

Below, you’ll find an example week of healthy school lunches that are simple, balanced and nutritious. From cheesy quesadillas to Italian mozzarella skewers, be inspired by these school lunchbox ideas for the week ahead!

Packing School Lunches: Our Top Tips

Streamline the process of packing school lunches with these tried and tested tips:

  • Plan ahead! Meal prep is your best friend when it comes to packing a week of school lunches. Create a meal plan ahead of time, do your grocery shopping over the weekend and spend 30 minutes prepping on a Sunday (eg: chopping veggies or making a batch of muffins) to set you up for success.

  • Keep it balanced. The ideal lunch box should include a good mix of fruit and veg, protein, carbs and healthy fats. This will ensure your kids are getting the nutrients they need, while also helping them stay full for longer.

  • Stock up on staples. Make sure your pantry, fridge and freezer are stocked with staple ingredients, so you always have something handy. Read our guide on the best lunch box staples to keep in your kitchen here.

  • Make it easy to eat. Steer clear of messy foods and instead opt for snacks and lunches that are easy for your kids to eat - so they can spend more time playing!

  • One Week of Healthy School Lunches:


    Morning tea: Potato chips, veggie sticks and hummus
    Lunch: Egg and lettuce sandwich, assorted fruit


    Morning tea: Popcorn, whole fruit, Babybel cheese, sugar snap peas
    Lunch: Ham and salad wraps, cherry tomatoes, sliced fruit


    Morning tea: Muffins, veggie sticks with dipping sauce
    Lunch: Ham and cheese croissant, muesli bar, assorted fruit


    Morning tea: Muffin, marinated olives, Babybel cheese and crackers
    Lunch: Mozzarella, tomato and salami skewers, assorted fruit 


    Morning tea: Corn chips and assorted fruit
    Lunch: Grilled cheese quesadillas, veggie sticks

    School Lunch Box Essentials

    Packing school lunches is easy with the right containers on hand! We recommend stocking up on the following items for stress-free (and mess-free) school lunches: