10 eco-friendly kitchen essentials

10 eco-friendly kitchen essentials

When it comes to living an eco-friendly lifestyle, we’re all about making small changes that lead to a bigger impact. One of the easiest ways to do this is by thinking about the products you already use in your everyday life, and choosing sustainable alternatives instead!

The kitchen is usually the hub of the home, which makes it a great place to start. From produce bags to lunch boxes, read on as we round up 10 of the best eco-friendly kitchen essentials below.

Reusable produce bags Ela & Earth

Reusable produce bags

It’s time to ditch single-use plastic bags for good! Our cotton and mesh produce bags are perfect for your weekly groceries, farmers market haul or bulk food shopping. Available in a range of different sizes, these eco-friendly bags are strong and durable so you can reuse them time and time again while saving on hundreds of plastic bags. We always keep a few stashed in our handbag and car boot so we’re never caught without them.

Reusable straws

Stainless steel straws are on high rotation in our household. Not only can you use these eco-friendly metal straws at home for homemade juices, smoothies and iced coffees, but you can also pop one in your handbag to use on-the-go for takeaway drinks.

Bento boxes

Reusable bento boxes are a great lunch box solution for both kids and adults, with practical compartments to help you easily portion meals and snacks. Because the containers are airtight, they’ll keep your food fresh for longer (so you don’t have to rely on foil or plastic wraps). We find these eco-friendly lunch boxes actually inspire us to eat a bigger variety of healthy food, too!

Bento boxes Ela & Earth

Compostable bin liners

Compostable bin liners made from natural corn starch are designed to break down easily without harming the environment, making them a much better option than traditional plastic bin bags. Take it a step further by introducing a compost bin for your food scraps, and staying on top of your recycling.

Linen napkins

Instead of relying on paper napkins, invest in a set of linen napkins as an eco-friendly alternative. Not only do linen napkins reduce waste, they also look beautiful on your dining table for family meals and entertaining! Look out for linen napkins crafted from 100% pure flax - a natural fibre that requires little to no pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation systems.

Nesting containers

From storing leftovers to packing snacks, our reusable nesting containers will quickly become a staple in your kitchen. Cleverly designed to stack neatly inside each other, these eco-friendly containers will also save you precious space in your pantry. We share 5 ways to use our nesting containers on the blog here!

Reusable smoothie cups

Our reusable smoothie cups are one of our favourite eco-friendly kitchen accessories. Made from insulated stainless steel, these clever cups are incredibly versatile and can also be used for warm drinks like coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Perfect for travelling, we love using these tumblers to take our morning smoothie into the office or down to the beach. Replace the single-use plastic cups and hand it over the counter next time you order a large takeaway drink!

Reusable smoothie tumblers

Eco-friendly cleaning products

Look out for eco-friendly cleaning products with refillable options to help you cut down on chemicals and plastic waste in the kitchen. There are some awesome eco-friendly cleaning brands out there doing great things, such as Zero Co and Eco Care.

Herb garden

Why not get your green thumb out and grow your own fresh herbs? Popular herbs like coriander, thyme, mint and basil can all be grown indoors with minimal maintenance - simply place your potted herbs by your kitchen window to help them soak up the sunshine!

Reusable water bottle

Finally, choose a reusable water bottle you love and then take it everywhere with you to avoid buying plastic bottles. Tip: opt for a double-walled insulated stainless steel bottle to keep your water cold for hours.

Reusable water bottle stainless steel

We believe going green and creating an eco-friendly home doesn’t have to be hard work. You can shop our range of reusable and eco-friendly household essentials here (including our value-packed drinkware bundles) with free shipping on orders over $50. Ps - tag us in your Instagram posts @elaandearth so we can cheer you on!